Full Service Freight Forwarding

  1. Southbound Weekly sailings – From designated USA ports to the Caribbean for barrels, personal effects and commercial cargo.
  2. Northbound weekly sailings – From Jamaica to Miami, Florida for personal effects and commercial cargo.
  3. Full Container Load (FCL) – Worldwide to and from any destination Air and Sea Freight services.
  4. Express Clearance – Clearance of your personal shipments including barrels, avoiding the port congestion and long lines. Enjoy convenient pick up at our office.
  5. Door to Door Service – We will pick up your personal cargo at your residence and deliver to your final destination (USA – Caribbean where service is available).
  6. Customs Brokerage– Motor Vehicles, Returning Residents and International Relocation including packing & unpacking.

Our Convenient Locations
  • New Jersey
  • New York (5 boroughs)
  • N.E. Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • including
  • Nantucket
  • Rhode Island
  • Maine
  • New Hampshire
  • Maryland and Virginia
  • With More to Come!


Cargo consolidation is when multiple small shipments are combined into one truckload and forwarded to the same location. Basically, it is a multi-stop truckload shipment with several shipments that are picked up in a consolidation warehouse or distribution center and remain in the same truck until it reaches the final destination. 

American Auto Checks

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Shipping furniture is a whole process,  Choosing experience service providers.


Shipping of personal and commercial cargo

We provide door to door delivery for your packages and parcels, from your home or office.
We will pick up your personal cargo at your residence and deliver to your final destination (USA and the Caribbean where our service is available).


Procurement Services

What can you expect from a Shore to Shore move?

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